Visits in English

Another side of chemistry and physics

Why is the sky blue?
How do we get our energy from the sun?
Why is turbulence so dangerous for a space shuttle?
And is there chemistry on other planets as well?

Invite one of the young researchers at MCEC for a guest lesson and find out!

Our PhD students can tell you about catalysis, about those strange ingredients in facial creams, or about how to make a new plastic bottle from wood. But they can also tell you about their life as a scientist: what kind of professions a study in chemistry or physics leads to, and what the daily life of a PhD student looks like.

The very internationally diverse PhDs from MCEC work at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), University of Twente (UT) and Utrecht University (UU). The guest lectures can be held in both Dutch and English.

A guest lecture is free of charge, comes into being in consultation with the teacher(s) and offers your students a whole new view of the worlds and possibilities of the exact sciences.

Interested? Questions? Comments? Please let us know via email.

NB This page is under construction; soon you’ll find an overview here of all MCEC PhDs who are available for a guest lecture. If you’d like to stay tuned, please sign up for our newsletter.